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Worked as an Engineer for over 10 years before moving industry in 2012, into the world E-commerce, Online Retailing and Order fulfilment. Over the past several years I have worked with various E-commerce professionals and companies in both the Direct to Consumer (DTC) space and B2B Business Development. During this time I have the opportunity to work with Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and established enterprise level brands in banking, cosmetics, health, nutrition, logistics, consumer goods, education, Data analytics, 3PL fulfilment and more. I am passionate about collaboration, meeting and working with people, creating new digital E-commerce products from ideation to MVP testing. Experience and specialties include: E-Commerce Sales, UX, Lead generation, website design, project management, customer experience, journey mapping, analytics, design thinking, account management, digital marketing, content management, copywriting, customer relations, market research, marketing, CRM, proposal writing and writing. Top writer in Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Startups & Innovation. Interested in all things E-commerce!

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